The European Committee of Journalists Writers and Publishers (Comité Européen des Journalistes Écrivains Editeurs) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes in the public interest the european press regulations, defend and promote the intellectual professions, protect and stimulate the freedom of the press, the right of expression and the access to information.

Our network is made up of journalists, writers, publishers, photo reporters and researchers but also advocates and press officers, art directors and community animators, working together to defend, support and promote intellectual professions and press freedom in Europe and around the world. 

Becoming a member allows you to make your contribution to our common action, to participate or propose initiatives, to benefit from reserved facilities and to receive your european press ID Card which allows you to identify yourself in every context, and above all to be part of an operational network fueled by deep and stimulating relationships which make the CEJEE one of the most active think tanks in the European community.